Does Bigger Mean Better?: Thoughts About A Book for "Size Queens"

Does Bigger Mean Better?: Thoughts About A Book for "Size Queens"

In 1985, a book came out called How to Enlarge Your Penis. Yes, instructions on how to get that all powerful king of dicks that many men have always wanted. According to the book, by someone with a degree in history (what does history have to do with creating a big dick?), various types of vacuum pumps are apparently a particularly effective way to enlarge the cock.


Now, in ancient Greek and Arabic, there were manuals on the subject (I’m going to take from an Arabic manual) that proscribed that when an Arab boy reaches the age of six, his father initiates him into the practice of “JELQ”; This is where the boy slowly strokes his cock form bottom to top every day for an half an hour to enlarge it. Now this is a very good and understanding father.

Though the information in this book is quite fascinating in scope, it seems like the real appeal is for size queens. For example, the book includes a picture by Tom of Finland, whose drawings with exaggerated cocks play on the age-old fascination that a big dick is power, an aphrodisiac that makes all who come in contact with a big beautiful cock swoon. So to illustrate the point, the majority of the photos in this book are of famous porn stars with 11-inch dicks or longer: Cassidy, Dakota, Ray Fuller, and the legendary John Holmes.

Nothing is new under the sun or under the covers, for that matter. This obsession with a big cock and its potency is apparently something men never grow out of. That desire sublimates itself even today in the constant ads for Viagra and similar products. But as Dr. Ruth has advised, in a multitude of ways, bigger is not necessarily better.

But can big mean better, or even best, in certain contexts? In the case of the porn stars above, the big cock works in their favor as an immediately identifiable indicator of sexual power, prowess and sexual gratification. Isn't that why many gay men watch porn? To share in that power, and then enjoy good sex where the whole time your dick feels like it is 13 inches (even it it's not) because you feel good about yourself and your sexuality. So as I see it in the end (pun intended), sorry Dr. Ruth, bigger is better.




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