Retrostuds of the Past: Focus on Pierce Daniels

Retrostuds of the Past: Focus on Pierce Daniels

“Pierce is quite stunning and every time I look at him I do get a bit weak. Looking at his photos that night I began to want to see him naked immediately.” –

I must say I agree with the above quote, especially after looking at some of the photos in our files.

In 1985, Pierce did a spread for Honcho magazine, challenging the viewer to touch, yes, just touch his virile, richly textured cock: “I know what you want; you're not the only one who wants it. But not everyone can have it. What makes you so special? … This is what you want. It takes something special to make me give it to you. Show me your hidden talents. Not bad; go ahead and touch it. If you're real good I'll let you do more than touch it.”

Getting aroused? I hope so. Sometimes the hunger is actually the satiation. Like Gypsy Rose Lee, he'll take it off, ever so slowly, but by doing to edge you to the point of ecstasy.

Pierce Daniels, aka Rusty Wolshez (Russell Wallace), was born on September 5, 1958 in Fresno, California. He was active as a performer from 1985 to 1994.

I don't have any more biographical information. Pierce's legacy, however, lives on in several movies Bijou Video carries (on DVD at and streaming instantly at, including Gotta Have It, Perfect 10, Therapy, Lovers and Friends, Windows and Century Mining. He doesn't take on the starring role in these movies, but his “gay macho” look combined with his effortless sexual technique (he's so confident wielding his uncut manmeat) make him stand out.

In Gotta Have It, a silent Pierce Daniels (“rugged, bearded and pretty all at the same time”) is shown voyeuring the massive black hunk Tyrone Washington and Bobbie Davis,while jerking off his uncut dick.

In Perfect 10, Pierce Daniels gets a vigorous butt-pounding by Chaz Holderman while he's swallowing Chad's hard-on (he swallows all of it too, only matched (at least on video) by Gino Del Mar in that feat). Strong jabs encompass this hot fuck and the camera zooms in to show him pulling all the way out of Pierce's hole.

In Therapy, a guy enters an alley where two men are hanging out and sucks one of them off through his chaps. The second man (Daniels) whips out his foreskinned, cockringed meat and gets it beat off while watching the blowjob. Anal sex leads to a three-way and squeezed balls leading to orgasms.

In Lovers and Friends, Pierce Daniels rims and fucks Joel Curry (the lover of Ron Pearson in this movie) in a kitchen. Cole Taylor, playing a waiter, joins the twosome and throws a second fuck into the insatiable Curry. Kinkiness in the ensuing threeway includes Daniels turning Curry over, spreading vanilla topping all over his ass, and licking every bit of it off. Now, that is true food porn!

And in Century Mining, Daniels is in the opening scene. Eric Ryan lies in bed. His fellow mine worker, a ravishing Pierce Daniels, enters and scolds Ryan, "you're gonna be late!" Ryan has other things on his mind, mainly the throbbing boner beneath the sheets. He attempts to lure Daniels into bed, but is denied, as Daniels wants to keep his job and pre-shift sex will surely get them fired!

Daniels appears in the last scene of the movie, the orgy that occurs after the mine collapse. Yes, sex and death, always a combo! He spends what might be the last few hours of his life stroking his snake and twisting his low hangers around his shaft while fantasizing about some hot fuck-piggery he'd engaged in with Eric Ryan.

Tragically, the sex-death combination caught up with Pierce literally.


Like many of his compatriots, he died of AIDS-related complications, in his case, on July 8, 1995.

If anyone has any more information about this totally hot retrostud, please email

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