The Last Picture Show

By Will Seagers


Hi folks! Will here. Once again, I'm having fun with the title. It's the very essence of a double entendre! However, in true cliffhanger tradition you will just have to wait until my New Year's Eve edition to see what's up!

Anyway, In the Beginning I started my affair with men and the camera at a very early age... Me and "Mr. Claus” at about age three or four. It's also a good liaison into wishing all of you great readers a very Happy Holiday season.


Baby Will Seagers with Santa
Season's Greetings from the chap on Santa's lap!

Zooming along in my life... I'm before the lens in a rather magical shot in my pre-porn days with a photographer that I met on the beach at the Jersey shore. As I remember correctly, there was a rather torrid post shoot "shoot" with him and his lover. After all, one does need an outlet after getting all worked up for that photography session!


Will Seagers posing with hand outstretched
Matt/Will in the pre-porn stages... but getting ready.

In the next few shots, I am in my twenties before the whole porn thing began. Here at age twenty-one with my quintessential 70's hot combed coif. Also shown are some pictures of legit modeling for a hair mag, then a lovely pearl-clad lady in Viva Magazine in 1974. The latter two shots were byproducts of literally being discovered on the streets of N.Y.C.! This magic was repeated later in the decade.


Will Seagers at age 21
Perfectly coiffed from the Eastern Airlines days.
Will posing on a Men's hair magazine cover and with a woman in Viva Magazine
Just regular modeling.

Oh, the Southwest and the beauty of its deserts! While living in a Phoenix suburb, I developed a friendship with a budding amateur photographer who had me pose with his beautiful dog in a desert scene just outside of Tucson in 1975. Little did I know that I would be returning to the Southwest for more photography and ultimately to build a house and settle down!


Will in the desert
Developing a love for the Southwest desert.

Well, we're off! I entered the Dark Side of modeling (just kidding) in the latter part of 1975 right after moving back to the East Coast. Believe it or not, this was another case of being discovered right on the street - Christopher Street, Greenwich Village - by the folks of a newly formed studio, Man's Image.


Will posing on the piers for Man's Image and on the cover of the first issue of Playguy Magazine
We're off! The career begins.

In 1976, I seemed to become the pass around boy in the New York porn biz! From Man's Image, I was passed to my dear friend Lou Thomas (formerly a partner of Colt Studios), who formed his own Target Studio moniker. Having a knowledge of the Southwest, I suggested the site for the Ramrod "Cowboy" shoots pictured in this blog. Also, he partnered me with Bruno in a memorable and very sensual poolside escapade on Fire Island.


Target Studio images - Ramrod photos and Will with Bruno
Target Studio Ramrod and Bruno & Will promo shots.

Then, I was passed on to Jack Deveau of Hand in Hand Films, where I was cast two more "sexs-travaganzas," Dune Buddies and Fire Island Fever - which, as you can surmise, took place on that same magical isle. This was all in the year 1976 - my first year working on Fire Island - after which I moved to San Francisco because of a work offer from Chuck Holmes (of Falcon Studios fame)!


Will on the poster for Dune Buddies and a Michael's Thing cover promoting Fire Island Fever
1978/1979 Hand in Hand Films productions shot on Fire Island.

1976 thru 1980 was non-stop and high gear for me in this business. Appearing with Al Parker in Weekend Lockup was one of the first of a cavalcade of films I made while living in San Francisco. My looks were still holding. So, I decided to dig in and take advantage of the many film and print offers. I worked side jobs to keep afloat between films. I ran a small and popular gay gym, The Pump Room, for several years. One had to stay in shape to keep the offers coming! LOL.


Will in two Falcon productions
Will in Weekend Lockup and more for Falcon.
Will with two other men in a promotional image for The Pump Room
Pump Room publicity shot.

Then Lady Luck stepped in. Through a very dear friend (and great fuck buddy) I was recommended to the Gage Brothers to be cast in the last of their trilogy of films - L.A. Tool & Die! Wow... this was the big time. (And, I even got to use some acting skills!) It turned out to be a monster hit with a cult like following. It was after this film that I started to think about slowing down and slowly finish off my porn career. I thought it was better to go out with a bang... right?


L.A. Tool & Die images - vintage poster and Drummer/The Voice covers featuring Will Seagers and Richard Locke
With co-star Richard Locke of Joe Gage's L.A. Tool & Die (1979).

Well, this was not in the cards for me. Luckily my genetics and slow aging process gave me the opportunity to make several more notable films leading up to my last films circa 1988. Although, I respect (and am turned on by sexy older guys), I didn't feel it was the right fit for me. So, this year marked my denouement in the film biz.


Al Parker and Will Seagers in Steve Scott's Wanted and Will Seagers with co-stars in J. Brian's Flashbacks
Al Parker and Will Seagers in Steve Scott's Wanted (1980) and Will Seagers with co-stars in J. Brian's Flashbacks (1981).
Former location of San Francisco's The Muscle System
Promo pic for Pegasus 2: Hot to Trot (1987) and with co-stars Scott O'Hara and Cory Monroe in The Massage Boys (1988).

Life certainly wasn't over! And, much to my surprise and pleasure, I found myself in my 40s and 50s still being desirable and attractive to many. I was 45 when I was discovered on the dance floor of The Roxy (a rather famous NYC dance club) by my spouse of almost 29 years! I brought him to the Southwest where he fell in love with its charm and magical vistas, as well. We happily dwell together in the house we built to celebrate our love and commitment.


Will Seagers on his 40th and 50th birthday
40th birthday / 50th birthday... post-production years.

So this brings me to a partial end of my saga. It was a great era and a great run working with some of the best in the business. And, most of all, it has been a treat to perform and be enjoyed by all of you... the readers of this blog. To you I say Thank You!.. but, not quite farewell!


Will Seagers posing, pants down, with sign that says End


Bio of Will Seagers:

Will Seagers (also credited as Matt Harper), within his multifaceted careers and participation in numerous gay communities across the country in the '70s and '80s and beyond, worked as a print model, film performer, and DJ, just to name a few. He made iconic appearances in releases from Falcon, Hand in Hand, Joe Gage, Target (Bullet), J. Brian, Steve Scott, and more, including in lead roles in major classics like Gage's L.A. Tool & Die (1979) and Scott's Wanted (1980). He brought strong screen presence and exceptional acting to his roles and was scene partners with many fellow legends of classic porn.

Will Seagers, present day image


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