BULLET Series Restoration and Release

BULLET Series Restoration and Release

Bijou Video has restored and released the complete collection of Lou Thomas' Bullet Series: Bullet Videopacs 1-9 and Bullet Gold, Volumes 1-3


Bullet Videopacs are made up of 8mm loops originally produced by Target Studio primarily in the late 1970s. When they were collected and assembled into the Bullet Videopac and Bullet Gold compilations in the 1980s, they were given new intertitles, new soundtracks (mostly music, featuring some voice-over work), and occasionally new film names (such as the popular Bruno/Josh Kincaid film "Teacher's Pet" being renamed "Master Lesson" for Bullet Videopac 9). Bullet Videopacs consist of four loops, shown in their entirety, whereas the Bullet Gold films ("best of" compilations) are arranged by type of sex scene (blow jobs, rimming, fucking), rather than playing through a whole loop at once. 

Bullet Videopac 2 & Bullet Gold, Volume 1, new DVD covers
Bullet Videopac 2 & Bullet Gold, Volume 1, new DVD covers


Bullet Videopac 9, original VHS cover
Bullet Videopac 9, original 1982 cover

Bullet films feature a consistent look, all around, with an emphasis attractive outdoor photography and mature, rugged "gay macho" guys. Over 35 men make up the cast of the entire Bullet series, and many of the same performers appear repeatedly throughout it, such as the iconic Bruno, Target models Rod Mitchell, Josh Kincaid, Kyle Hazard, and Jeremy Brent, and performers who also frequented films from Hand in Hand, Surge, and other studios, such as Will Seagers (Wanted, San Francisco, Dune Buddies, Fire Island Fever, L.A. Tool & Die, J. Brian's Flashbacks), Tim Kramer (Gayracula, Men of the Midway, Heroes), Roger (Sex Magic, Hot House, The Academy, Hunk, Heavy Equipment), Nick Rodgers (The Idol, Rangers, Grease Monkeys, Performance, Hot Truckin'), and Eric Ryan (Centurians of Rome, Screenplay, Just Blonds, Non-Stop). 

Rod Mitchell and Josh Kincaid


Roger and Bruno
Roger and Bruno

The majority of our source material for this series came from tape masters, as the Bullet collections were originally assembled for release on tape, but we used the occasional 8mm source (in parts of Bullet Gold, Volumes 2 & 3), when we had 8mm loops available that matched the edits of the tape masters and surpassed them in image quality. We digitally restored the tape masters (and 8mm excerpts) to improve the color, where deteriorated, smooth out video fuzz, and remove hiss and increase clarity in the audio. Here are a few before/after examples of the type of color work we did on the series. 

Restoration Example 1
Restoration Example 2
Restoration Example 3
Restoration Example 4
Left: Before, Right: After

Exceptional still photography from Lou Thomas for Target magazines and brochures made for excellent cover art, creating a cohesive and eye-catching look for the collection. 

Bruno and Jeremy Brent
Bruno and Jeremy Brent


Target Magazine Ad

Check out our website for still images and video clips from the series! 

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