Not All Gay Guys Are Klutzes!

Not All Gay Guys Are Klutzes!

The Huffington Post some time ago published a story on how a majority of LGBT youth are harassed or feel unsafe in in gym class. Whether the harassment is tied into actual athletic ability or physical coordination was not clear (discrimination by morally conservative coaches based on their views on being gay, regardless if the students plays well or not, seems to be more the focus there). 



But, getting back to the athletic ability issue, one blogger, in response, made the insightful comment that it isn't just the gay kid, but anyone who is overweight, wears braces, or is just plain nerdy, who gets targeted. 

But let's face it: the stereotype survives. Gay guys don't like sports, don't play sports, can't play sports. They are the skinny guys on the beach who get sand kicked in their faces or the kids on the playground who get picked last for kickball teams. Or they can maybe play tennis or do yoga. But the manly-man sports like hockey or American football or rugby are off limits. 

Based on several cases, including that of David Kopay, who came out in 1975 as the first openly gay NFL player (a precedent for Michael Sam), the stereotype doesn't bear up (see b/w picture below; that's him in 1976). 


David Kopay

But what's significant is that he came out after he stopped playing, because being gay was not socially acceptable in that environment. And it's still not. According to the article, “When Will WE See the First Openly Gay NFL Player,” several factors come into play besides the usual homophobia in the locker room. Fan reaction would affect a player's decision to come out, as well as, in our admittedly more open society, the possibility of some of the teammates attacking that person for not being honest in the first place. 

Is there hope, especially given the progress many countries have made in accepting same-sex marriage, that pro sports world will totally accept openly gay players? I would say yes! In England, rugby player Gareth Thomas recently told the Daily Mail he was gay. Gareth plays rugby, a very “macho” sport that involves a level of body contact that makes American football look namby-pamby. What's really sad is that, according to the article, Gareth endured much torment in coming to terms with his sexuality on both personal (his marriage to a woman) and public (social and professional acceptance) levels. 


Rugby Players

But he seems to be happily out, and with his decision, so let's hope this trend continues. The message here is acceptance of gay persons, but there's another message that transcends the gay issue: anyone, depending on your use of God-given talents, can be a champion. 




And there's another advantage: guys, you can fantasize about Gareth's awesome legs and what's between them (what is it about the legs of rugby players?), knowing he would like it! 

Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas

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