Retrostuds of the Past: Bob Blount Poses for Playgirl

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A while back, when going through our extensive collection of gay porn history files, I discovered a Playgirl magazine from as long ago as April 1979. Yes, Playgirl, the magazine for women and gay men. But what's particularly fascinating and exciting about this issue is the centerfold: Robert (Bob) Curtis Blount, aka Lloyd Kasper.


Bob Blount as Playgirl's Man of the Month, April 1979


Bob Blount as Playgirl's Man of the Month, April 1979
Bob Blount in Playgirl


Bob Blount was a gay porn actor who appears in a few great classic porn films (all from 1979) that are available to watch through Bijou Video: The Frenchman & the LoversInches (paired with the legendary Al Parker), and Joe Gage's famous L.A. Tool & Die, which was just added on DVD and Streaming on our websites!


Bob Blount with Eric Clement in The Frenchman & the Lovers and with Al Parker in Inches
Bob Blount with Eric Clement in The Frenchman & the Lovers (left) and with Al Parker in Inches (right)
Bob Blount and Chuck Cord in L.A. Tool & Die

Chuck Cord and Bob Blount in L.A. Tool & Die


Yes, Bob, whose hairy body and full beard and easy masculine presence (he doesn't need to flaunt six pack abs or tattoos or make duck faces) exemplified 1970s gay macho, was the centerfold in this Playgirl issue, which focuses on a young Jane Fonda and Michael Douglas (the duo had recently appeared in The China Syndrome).

The text of the issue offers some tantalizing information about his background, of course omitting the gay porn career. He was from Charlotte, North Carolina and moved to New York City, where he worked doing graphic layouts for department stores. He later moved to Los Angeles because he found the Big Apple too stressful and fast-paced. There, he worked as a bartender (the text does not indicate what kind of bar), and, according to another source, a hair stylist.

Bob embraced, according to the article, a “pleasure-filled, me-first lifestyle.” Bob said, “I do exactly what I please when I please. If people want to follow along, fine.” How very 1970s power of positive thinking: I'm OK, you're OK. Not being sarcastic, but very much in tune with the pop culture of the times.


Bob Blount nude


I'm actually glad Bob did live each day to the fullest, true to himself, because in September of that same year, he was killed in a motorcycle accident. I found his obituary, which gives great detail about his family. He's buried in North Carolina, far from the sunny beaches and hot gay sex he embraced.

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