"They All Do It": Fun Facts About Sex in the Animal World

"They All Do It": Fun Facts About Sex in the Animal World

“They all do it... “ And in so many different ways!

Male squirrel monkeys display their penises and urinate in each other's faces during the mating season.

Squirrel Monkeys

A small percentage of seagulls pair up as lesbians (observed on the Santa Barbara Islands, California). They go through all the patterns of mating, and lay sterile eggs.

Jacking off has been observed among deer, lions, apes, moose, boars, porcupines, dolphins, and elephants (who use their trunks; now, that must be one exciting and long experience).

Elephant Jacking Off

Some species of animals and plants are hermaphroditic; they possess male and female sex organs.


The hermaphroditic European sea mollusk mates in chains of three or more; the front animal acts only as a female, while others acts as males for those in front and females for those behind.

The male sea horse and pipefish (same family of fish, Syngnathidae) carry the brood, and because males are occupied with prenatal care, the liberated females end up being able to compete for males.

Gulf pipefish mate according to the "classic polyandry" system, where each male receives eggs from a single female per pregnancy, but females can mate with multiple males.

Female hyenas are the leaders of their families; she also has a penis — well, sort of. Female hyenas have a pseudo-penis, basically an enlarged clitoris, that can become erect! She will expose this member to males to demonstrate her willingness to mate.Female Hyena With Enlarged Clitoris

All in all, not exactly the rigid gender binaries certain narrow-minded and small-hearted groups proclaim as “natural!”

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