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The Tweeter in Chief make may make some think the social media platform of Twitter is a hellscape. I suppose that depends on who you are and your previous level of social and intellectual engagement.

In my case, and perhaps my perception will change (not that I would enter #MAGA land; I currently find the #Resist echo chamber comforting, and who wants to hang out in Mordor), but I feel I have entered an enchanted forest.

I decided to activate my personal twitter account which I had opened a few years ago partly out of boredom and partly out of a what I felt to be a pressing social need to spread pro-labor union information.

Three weeks later, a world famous opera singer and I are following each other. Her name is Karita Mattila. She is a world famous soprano. Every gay man needs a diva to worship, and it took only one day for me to join her circle of Twitter buddies. And of course, most of us are gay.

Karita Mattila
Karita Mattila

A Reform Jewish rabbi, Danya Ruttenberg, has engaged me and like my tweets which have ranged from a discussion of a Hebrew term in Leviticus and the psychosocial pereceptions of clergy.

Wayne Kostenbaum, a nationally acclaimed gay author and I have gotten to the point where we have exchanged direct messages. He thinks I am cute.

I am now tweeting on a close to equal level with other academics in the fields of English and religion. I don't feel excluded like I did on some of the more traditional listservs or in real life.

And, let's just say, already I have moved from tweeting to direct message to texting with a hot young number in grad school in English literature. In one day.

On the lighter side, I am now part of the Old Hollywood club on twitter. I spent last afternoon tweeting around with a wonderful person, joking about the dowager/old lady roles in 1930s Hollywood. Perhaps not the same dynamic as actually being with the person physically, but how long would it take one to physically find someone who would know who Dame May Whitty was?

You are what you make. I wouldn't have been able to do all this if I hadn't already been an exciting, diverse, intellectually curious person. But the fast-paced medium of Twitter has enabled me to somehow share my interests in a more integral way which actually seems to contradict the nanosecond pace and spatially diffuse nature of the platform.

And Bijouworld's Twitter is currently mushrooming, especially since The Rialto Report tweeted:

“We’re proud to announce that Valparaiso Pictures/Permut Presentations have snapped up the screen rights to our article “Centurians Of Rome: How a Bank Robber Made The Most Expensive Gay Porno Of All Time.” We look forward to bringing it to the big screen!"

In one day, we gained 55 followers!

Centurians of Rome images and bank robber/film financer George Bosque
Centurians of Rome images and bank robber/film financer George Bosque

Now, I don't want to live on Twitter (perhaps the initial beginner's excitement will die down), but I feel the same way I felt when I discovered the internet back in 1998 and made some interesting connections on listservs (many of which have fizzled out slowly, given the more socially restrictive nature of the medium and just the fact that people do change).

Twitter logo bird holding sign that says: Yup, I tweet too much! Get over it!

Whatever happens, I will enjoy and perhaps be in a better position to learn if the cyberexperiences don't always develop in a socially and psychologically healthy way.

And follow Bijouworld on Twitter. Our always “kick-ass” account is really hopping now, revealing we are truly leading now in the fields of gay sexuality, LGBTQ history, and film studies.

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Retrostuds of the Past: Focus on David Ashfield

Retrostuds of the Past: Focus on David Ashfield

The facts (courtesy of

David Ashfield was one of the biggest names of 1980s porn, making dozens of movies and appearing in plenty more as a stunt dick.

He was slim, born in 1960, had a huge and thick cut penis and topped (although he started off as a bottom in early Falcon loops). 

David starred in movies like Below the Belt, and was famous for big ejaculations.

David speaks for himself; passages from an interview in the October 1987 issue of Hot Shots:

“Fantasies started to come along when I was about 12 years old … I grew up in the desert in Arizona. So of course, I had dreams and fantasies of long blonde-haired country boys; and grass and trees; playing in the woods; you always dream of what you don't have.”

“Do you find it more exhilarating with a live audience?"
"No, because it's a totally different trip. When we're doing the movies we're in a corner, just us and the cameraman; it's still pretty much private, even though there are people there. Everyone knows exactly what's going on, and are all part of the deal. Whereas when I'm on stage I'm a spectacle. I try to be a trouper and do a good job of it, bring out the Scorpio side of my image, but, a lot of times I still get the willies.”


“For the record, what is the main feature about your cock that makes you stand out in a crowd?"
"A lot of guys have a dick as long as mine, but most people don't have one as fat as mine. It's 6-1/2 inches around. And in the movies I can really fuck.

"Do you find a lot of guys can't take you?"
"Some can, some can't. About an even number, I guess.”

“Do you believe you are more open to different types of sexual situations now because of changes to your lifestyle, or do you think it is a result of getting to know yourself better?"
"I'm still pretty simple-minded when it comes to sex. I'm not real kinky or anything. I don't get sex drunk … Oh let's tie each other up, and dildoes, and dildoes, and cock rings, and all that stuff. One naked boy across the bed and I'll suck his dick and he'll suck my dick.”

“Do you like to get if off more now than you did before becoming a porn star?"
"I would like to but couldn't. Shit, when I was a kid, I used to beat off between four and nine times a day. Now once is fine with me. Once, maybe twice.”

“What does a director look for in a new talent?"
"Hot sex. If you can prove you do it lovingly is what counts. People who want to work."

"Can you elaborate on what you mean by 'Do it lovingly?'"
"Sure. There are a lot of boys in porn who get in there to do it just for the money. When you watch the film they look bored. This is because most movies are shot one piece at a time. Between the director saying, 'This is what I want you to do. Move this way, say this at a certain point, insert your dick into that hole.' This is all done piece, by piece, by piece. And if at the edges of each little scene you lose character, then it will be conveyed in each little segment of the movie. When you work with another model who knows how to stay in character, espcially when the camera is off, then we can keep the scene going between us. Keep it hot so as soon as they click back in they're coming right into frame.”

“You cannot help warming up to David Ashfield. He's totally unaffected and extremely masculine. He says that at some point in the future he would like to settle down with someone special.”

Also, like Joan Crawford, according to the interview, he answered every fan letter.

In fact, oddly, he kind of reminds me of her, not physically of course, nor did he put on the glamorous movie star persona, but because he took his work, revealed in his technique, so seriously. He was his technique.


And it worked, gloriously, in more than a hundred videos.


Also, like Joan Crawford, according to the interview, he answered every fan letter.


And, as well, Joan suffered stage fright; like David, she preferred to work in the studio.

At we carry many movies that feature David Ashfield, such as Therapy; Strange Places, Strange Things; Classmates; and our newly remastered Hot Splash.

Also check out our streaming site,, for more hot David Ashfield action.

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Retrostuds of the Past: Whatever Happened to Will Seagers?

Retrostuds of the Past: Whatever Happened to Will Seagers?


One of the greatest stars of 70s and 80 gay porn, one of those gay macho idols who just exuded steamy uninhibited mansex, is gone. I've tried to locate him, and I can't find him.


Where are you, Will? 

Will Seagers and Richard Locke


Will Seagers and Richard Locke

Will appeared in some of the legendary gay porn movies of all time, and he worked with gay porn icons like Al Parker and Bruno. He made notable appearances in WantedFire Island Fever, the Bullet Videopacs (available on DVD from and streaming at, and of course, the Joe Gage classic, L.A. Tool & Die



Ramrod magazine cover


Scene featured in Bullet Videopac 3

But what I was trying to dig up was some personal information ala “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” He's achieved celebrity status as a gay porn retrostud par excellence, but what do we really know about him off camera? 

I found out he was born in 1951 in Jersey City, New Jersey. He was active in making porn films from about 1978-1999. (He made one bisexual movie, Bi Surprise.) He appeared in some movies under the name Matt Harper. 

He showed up in many advertisements and reviews for the movies he appeared in in such retro rags as PlayguyHonchoMandate, and Studflix. But I could not locate one interview with him. Not one. 


Will Seagers in Playguy

I did some more digging (trying not to get distracted which happens when I look at pictures of him in his gay macho glory), and I did find out something not too exciting, but interesting: he was a disco DJ. He spun vinyl at San Francisco gay bars in the Castro district such as the Badlands and the Aloha. Chances are he probably played “Baby I Love You,” by Easy Going, which is the song in the bar scene in L.A. Tool & Die

One person on a message board claims he did not show up to spin in the big engineer and workboots he wore in many of his films, but in preppy Bass Weejuns. That person was disappointed. I empathize. 

I'm afraid that he may have suffered the same fate as so many porn stars of that era: death from AIDS, but I can't find any record of it. 

Does anyone know is Will is still around? Contact us at if you have any information we can add to our archives. 

We at Bijou Video are preserving his substantive legacy, especially in our recent remastering of the Bullet Videopacs


Will Seagers cowboy sex scene from Bullet Videopac 3


Check out a couple of classic Will Seagers videos as an end of the summer snackgasm. 


UPDATE: From a private source: Matt Harper aka Will Seagers of #vintagegayporn fame is still alive and well at the age of 67. He lives in New Mexico with his partner of 23 years. Watch his movies now at…

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The Fascination with "Retro"


Lately I've been something of a social media maven for Bijouworld and its ancillaries, Bijou Video and the Bijou Theater. In addition to our Facebook,Twitter, and Tumblr sites, we just started a couple of Pinterest sites, Bijou Vintage Gay History, and Bijou Vintage Gay Erotica. Because we do specialize in vintage (or retro) gay sexuality, I've noticed we seem to be, I guess the term is, “trending.” 

And it's not just the usual older folks sitting on the porch, “I remember when” … I am thinking of the whole Mad Men cult, and even some short-lived show on TLC that featured women trying to live exactly like they were living in the 1950s (kind of like a retro Real Housewives!). 


Mad Men

It's like anything retro exudes some kind of fascination that I think goes beyond nostalgia. I wonder if it's because so much of the retro items we've been posting and repinning were lovingly created. It's not like someone just took a picture with a digital camera. These items, ranging from a late nineteenth century tobacco box, or even a magazine cover from a 1940s muscle magazine, show a real attention to detail and design. Imagine trying to create these items without today's technology. 

Here's a couple of images we either posted or repinned: 


Victorian Mustache Wax


Vim Magazine, November 1940

I'm not saying that art becomes less than great because it's easier to make, but in the social media world, where a post can become ephemeral in one second, our retro images and movies can evoke beauty with a capital B in addition to hot with a small h.


Oh, there is a difference! 







Check out our pinterest sites for more retro items.

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