Kink on a Budget at the Dollar Store


No, I didn't end up buying toys at the Dollar Store because of the Great Recession (but that might be a good idea, given the prices for some gear and toys these days). In fact, I always wanted to add to the treasure trove of toys I inherited, and a longtime fan of the dollar store anyway, I just gravitate to kitchen items like spatulas which prove wonderfully stimulating (and painful) to cock and ball and tit torture pain pigs. 

But it also takes some imagination to figure out which items from the kitchen items aisle to use to such sick, perverted ends. Yeah! 

Here are a few of my favorites (with photos): 

A spatula on the tits and cock, or on the ass, can eventually produce that lovely red color. 

Dollar Store Spatula


A dollar tree plastic cutting board can be a painful paddle. I tried it on someone … ouch! 


Dollar Tree Plastic Cutting Boards

These plastic tongs make great nipple torture implements; they can also grab and squeeze and rub against a hard cock. O how exquisite! 

Dollar Store Plastic Tongs

This broom whisk makes an excellent abrasive effect on an already sensitive tits and cock. 

Dollar Store Broom Whisk

And now … I just picked this up the other day, a cheap version of those “grabbers” advertised for elderly people who can't reach items. Imagine just sitting there nonchalantly, smoking a cigar, and using these pincers on a hard, moist slavecock … 

Dollar Store GrabbersGot you own dollar store kink ideas? Pass 'em on, and don't forget to check out our selection of leather/fetish titles.

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