Ty Arthur: The Ideal NOVA Man

Ty Arthur

We are just finished producing our vintage Nova 2019 calendar, essentially a pin-up piece featuring some of the hottest studs from Nova Studios.

Vintage 2019 Nova Nude Calendar

The popular Nova series is noted for its reliability, primitive aura and raw quality. The quality is consistent and the type of performer tends to be athletic, hung, horny, and lustful. Each Nova film contains several short subjects with the accent on youth and real man-love.

Emphasizing fierce fucking, rimming, kinky outdoor action, cum eating, and, at times, humor, the films are usually silent or have voice-over dialogue and music.

Beginning with Brian's Boys, however, Nova turned to making feature films with fully synchronized sound tracks.

In many ways, Ty Arthur encapsulates the qualities of the Nova guy. He's got all-American looks, but not in a statuesque way; there's a humor and a kind of sexual derring-do in his appearances.

Ty Arthur

He made he debut in Beached, and what a debut: sex underwater!

Vintage ad for Nova loops Beached and Detour

Bill Lake spies on the handsome, muscular stud as he strips down to do some scuba diving and they end up doing male muff diving instead -- in an underwater fantasy! They 69 underwater, then proceed to land for mutual cocksucking and Ty to hump asshole.

And if those striped soccer uniforms and tube socks and the studs who fill them out suit your fancy, he then appeared in the loop, Soccer Games; one of Ty's teammates enjoys a fantasy that turns into reality, unbridled sex in the locker room and the shower.

Specifically, Eric Clements and Ty Arthur have sex in the locker room, in the whirlpool and in the showers before they wear each other out; Eric goes down on Ty's boner and then licks his ass. (This scene is featured in our title, Hot Lunch.)

Apparently he made quite an impression, because the March 1981 issue of Honcho featured a spread of him, called, appropriately, “The Power of Ty.”

Ty Arthur in Honcho issue and nude from behind

The photo of him in the our calendar shows his other side as a cock tease; the hot dog he holds in his muscular hands is actually smaller than his erect cock, and he blends in quite well with the wild 70s florid wallpaper.

Ty Arthur in our Vintage 2019 Nova Nude Calendar
Ty Arthur in our 2019 Nova nude calendar

I have been not been able to locate any biographical information on him; he made a splash (literally) in the early eighties, and then disappeared from view.

Ty, wherever you are, your fans are still watching … and pulling their puds.

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Wow! I Never Knew! 12 Former Jobs of Retro Gay Porn Stars

Wow! I Never Knew! 12 Former Jobs of Retro Gay Porn Stars


One totally awesome perk for working at the Bijouworld office (it isn't sex) is you never what you might find in the files.


Yes, files, think beige manila folders, not computer directories. We pretty much have anything, yes anything, related to gay sex dating to the beginning of the last century. Just ask!

I was looking for a retrostud to do a blog on for this week, and I pulled a file that contained a list of former jobs of 12 gay “porno” stars, by Leigh Rutledge, author of the book The Gay Decades.

Interestingly enough, these retrostuds didn't just work as the stereotypical bartenders or escorts or strippers.

Al Parker (below) worked as a butler, a video technician, and a personal aide to Hugh Hefner at Playboy magazine.

Al Parker

Keith Anthoni (below) was a waiter, an actor in Pepsi commercials (which one?), a stage actor, and a male stripper.

Keith Anthoni

Steve Scott worked in the publicity department at Universal Studios.

Kip Noll (below) was very blue-collar; he was a machinist, an auto mechanic, and a carpenter.

Kip Noll

Roy Garrett (below) was employed as a supervisor in a New Jersey cosmetics factory, as well as doing the bartender/male stripper thing.

Roy Garrett

Jamie Wingo (below) worked in marketing for a gay advertising agency and also, guess what, stripped.

Jamie Wingo

Jack Wrangler (below) was a child television star with his own NBC series, Faith of Our Children. He also did bit parts on the Mod Squad and Medical Center. If my mother only knew …

Jack Wrangler

Scorpio (below) was a male stripper in straight bars. He tried to get into modeling but found out from an agency that his job as a stripper killed his chances.


Richard Locke (below) worked very diverse jobs. He was a tank commander in the army, a gas station attendant, an insurance claims adjuster, and a baths attendant.

Richard Locke

Jayson MacBride (below) danced and sang as a chorus boy. He later enjoyed a successful career in corporate market research.

Jayson MacBride

Mike Davis (below) was a set designer.

Mike Davis

Christopher Rage worked as a talent manger for cabaret acts, as a male escort, and then joined an ad agency promoting X-rated films.

I just can't get the picture out of my mind of Al Parker as a butler wearing some tight-fitting livery! One can only dream …


Hope you enjoy this very photogenic blog!



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Retrostuds of the Past: Whatever Happened to Will Seagers?

Retrostuds of the Past: Whatever Happened to Will Seagers?


One of the greatest stars of 70s and 80 gay porn, one of those gay macho idols who just exuded steamy uninhibited mansex, is gone. I've tried to locate him, and I can't find him.


Where are you, Will? 

Will Seagers and Richard Locke


Will Seagers and Richard Locke

Will appeared in some of the legendary gay porn movies of all time, and he worked with gay porn icons like Al Parker and Bruno. He made notable appearances in WantedFire Island Fever, the Bullet Videopacs (available on DVD from bijouworld.com and streaming at bijougayporn.com), and of course, the Joe Gage classic, L.A. Tool & Die



Ramrod magazine cover


Scene featured in Bullet Videopac 3

But what I was trying to dig up was some personal information ala “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.” He's achieved celebrity status as a gay porn retrostud par excellence, but what do we really know about him off camera? 

I found out he was born in 1951 in Jersey City, New Jersey. He was active in making porn films from about 1978-1999. (He made one bisexual movie, Bi Surprise.) He appeared in some movies under the name Matt Harper. 

He showed up in many advertisements and reviews for the movies he appeared in in such retro rags as PlayguyHonchoMandate, and Studflix. But I could not locate one interview with him. Not one. 


Will Seagers in Playguy

I did some more digging (trying not to get distracted which happens when I look at pictures of him in his gay macho glory), and I did find out something not too exciting, but interesting: he was a disco DJ. He spun vinyl at San Francisco gay bars in the Castro district such as the Badlands and the Aloha. Chances are he probably played “Baby I Love You,” by Easy Going, which is the song in the bar scene in L.A. Tool & Die

One person on a message board claims he did not show up to spin in the big engineer and workboots he wore in many of his films, but in preppy Bass Weejuns. That person was disappointed. I empathize. 

I'm afraid that he may have suffered the same fate as so many porn stars of that era: death from AIDS, but I can't find any record of it. 

Does anyone know is Will is still around?

We at Bijou Video are preserving his substantive legacy, especially in our recent remastering of the Bullet Videopacs


Will Seagers cowboy sex scene from Bullet Videopac 3


Check out a couple of classic Will Seagers videos as an end of the summer snackgasm. 


UPDATE! From a private source: Matt Harper aka Will Seagers of #vintagegayporn fame is still alive and well, living with his long-term partner. Watch his movies now at bijougayporn.com/tour/sets.php?…

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