Retrostuds of the Past: The Mysterious Brian Maxon


Someone on the “anything gay” website Datalounge responded to a question about what gay porn star of the past influenced them the most. The name Brian Maxon (also known as Brian Maxx), came up. 

Given that I work in a veritable Pornopolis, I thought I could perhaps contribute to the discussion. Yes, we at Bijou are all things porn, but other than his cameo in Giants (and yes, it is giant) and his starring role in our title Two Handfuls, I didn't find out too much about this massive blond stud. 

I pulled the folder, and the pictures gave me a woody. What a bulge, and the his eyes entice you, but also communicate, “you can come so far, you've got to earn an approach to my godhood.” 

Brian Maxon

But who was he? Where was he born? Where's the backstory?

I did find out his penis size is seven inches, cut, and he weighed 220 pounds. But here's the clincher: he was 6 foot 4 tall inches. That's tall in my book. I like them big but also tall. 

I also found out that in 1985 he starred in a groundbreaking bi movie calledThe Big Switch

He stopped making movies in 1999. 

That's it. 

Inquiring minds want to know. 

Anyone got any more information on this awesome retrostud? 

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"Brothers" Really Doing it in 1983?

"Brothers" Really Doing it in 1983?

I recently combed through one of my favorite books, The Gay Decades, by Leigh W. Rutledge. I found this fascinating tidbit about some stars from the Bijou Classics collection. On January 15, 1983 (hard to believe that was thirty years ago), quoting Rutledge: 

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Retrostuds of the Past: Focus on Chad Douglas

Retrostuds of the Past:  Focus on Chad Douglas


Recently, one of our Facebook page fans asked about Chad Douglas, one of the true mystery men of porn, who came to prominence in the 1980s. 

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Famous Porn Stars of the Past: Focus on Jon King

Famous Porn Stars of the Past:  Focus on Jon King

Jon King looked like this totally straight guy named Frank I had a crush on in college who was a double English/Philosophy major. Both Jon and Frank shared the thick black hair and deep dark eyes, the tight muscular ass, and that indelible combination of ruggedness and vulnerability. I don't know what happened to Frank, but what happened to Jon was unfortunately the fate of so many stars from the golden age of porn. 


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