The Bijou Blog is for those interested in provocative thoughts, gay history, sex, porn and popular culture

    As a gay porn company we have taken an interest through out the years in all aspects of gay life, gay society and gay sexuality. When we first started writing our thoughts and opinions in the 1980's in the old Bijou Video Catalog and mail-order fliers, we got fueled on the responses from our customers. Well as you can imagine that led us to some very interesting discoveries about ourselves, we realized that we enjoyed writing interesting and provocative thoughts on gay history, gay sexual history, gay porn and gay popular culture; and that being involved in Gay Porn was for us a learning experience in every facet of gay life.

    Over the last 30 years we have written on Ronald Reagan, The Meese Commission, the Porn Industry, Hollywood, the college experience,  popular T.V shows etc. We have tried to bring to life the men who made the porn Industry, those gay porn stars of the 1970s and 1980s, the directors and Studios. We also know that we live in the real world where pop culture and politics as well as the men, women and events in gay history around the world has shaped our world of today. So please take the time to browse through our writings and enjoy.


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