I Love a Gay Halloween Parade!

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Yes, it's coming up, the unofficial LGBTQ holiday, Halloween! I was looking online for more information about Halloween events going on next week, and I noticed that the famous Greenwich Village, New York City Halloween parade is now in its 46th year.

Pretty amazing, if one thinks what year it was 46 years ago: 1973. Thus, celebrating Halloween was part and parcel of the then young and militant gay liberation movement.

I remember seeing from a distance many years ago Chicago's own LGBTQ Halloween parade on Halsted Steet, and now the event has become “Haunted Halsted Halloweek and Parade,” running from Saturday, October 26 to the great day itself this year, and the day of the parade, Thursday, October 31.

Why am I essentially advertising the above events? Because I think, in tandem, Bijou Video provides its own parade of Halloween porn movies you can enjoy anywhere and throughout the entire year. In fact, I would even say Bijou is carrying on the legacy of directors and producers and actors who originated the genre of Halloween porn or horror porn.

Here are some of our films of that genre:

The anthology Scared Stiff features scenes from some of the titles described below, plus others like Gayracula and Four in Hand.

Scared Stiff box cover

Vintage Gayracula ad

Four in Hand still
Image from Four in Hand

Night of the Occultist, a Jaguar film from 1973 (year of the first Village Hallloween parade!) directed by Kenneth Andrews, is certainly overall quite “trippy,” but the major Halloweeneseque scene in this campy yet also complex film is an ancient Egyptian ritual, a sacrifice to Osiris, the judge of the dead (he serves as the gatekeeper between life, death, and the afterlife), which involves gay sex in an temple.

Night of the Occultist still
Image from Night of the Occultist

A Ghost of a Chance, also from 1973, features some ghostly sex with a deceased boyfriend, but the overall story is not just about the crossing of the seemingly insurmountable boundary between death and life, but about how sex with multiple partners itself is a way of liberation from imposed boundaries.

A Ghost of a Chance stills
Images from A Ghost of a Chance

Strictly Forbidden, a Hand in Hand film from 1974 directed by Jack Deveau, reimagines the ancient trope of a statues coming to life as the main character enjoys sexual contact with many in a Parisian museum.

Strictly Forbidden stills
Images from Strictly Forbidden

Falconhead, a complex, profound film from 1977 directed by Michael Zen, plays with some archetypal images such as mirrors and falcons as several men undergo rituals of initiation that involve mysterious, ambiguously violent interactions.

Falconhead stills
Images from Falconhead

And, perhaps the true depths of the genre occurs in Peter de Rome's The Destroying Angel, which combines religion, psychedelic drugs, sex, and violence in one amazing conflagration as a young priest abandons his vocation and plunges into what is really the depths of himself he had previously repressed.

The Destroying Angel stills
Images from The Destroying Angel

What's interesting and significant about these films is that, yes, they are related to Halloween, but not in the conventionally “spooky,” explicit way.

By wrestling with the endlessly mysterious and fascinating conjunctions between sex, death, religion, and violence, they really end up targeting the deep, primal roots of the holiday, something LGBTQ persons, themselves cultural boundary-crossers, can connect with intimately.

It's a day when boundaries dissipate, masks and costumes make us aware that persons are not all what they seem, and somehow we end up experiencing on various levels death and life becoming one.

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Love Bites!

Love bites, literally! 

To clarify, in this blog, when I use the term “bites,” I don’t necessarily mean it in the sense of “bite me,” like someone saying something or someone “sucks.” 

I repeat: Love bites, literally! 

My cat who is probably the most spoiled creature on the planet lately has been getting into the habit of nipping at me, mostly to get me up in the morning. But cats will often give their owners love nibbles. And I get plenty of them, especially when I wear shorts (she likes legs). In fact, one time after I finished doing my usual “get rid of the morning woody” activity, she nipped me in the thigh. Perhaps she was stimulated by my action. I’ll see if she does it again some time. Still, nipping in cats (as opposed to more aggressive biting), can be a characteristic of nonsexual play among kittens, or as I mentioned above, a sign of affection for a cat’s owner. 

Now, I remember as a child, if a child bit another child, someone was in big trouble. This action seems to produce great consternation, especially if said behavior keeps occurring at day care centers when the parents aren’t around. In this case, biting is aggressive and nonsexual. The biting behavior implies somehow that the child lacks certain “civilizing influences.” Dogs and cats bite, but not people, that is. 

People do bite, however. What is taboo in public becomes almost a norm in sexual play, where boundaries blur or even break, and the participants enjoy the danger and excitement of transgressing said boundaries. The skin is a boundary, perhaps the most tangible one; to bite, to fuck, to suck, to rim, to jack off, is to stretch that boundary to the limits in an aggressive way, and when any sex act ultimately produces the discharge of cum, that fluid represents in its viscosity and liquidity a dissolution of boundaries. 

Blatant biting occurs in both straight and gay porn. For example, in the scene We Haul from the Bijou classic Erection Set, a duo in jeans and jockstraps enter a warehouse and fuck hard and fast, on a ladder and in a wheel barrel! Spanking, finger-fucking and mutual j/o, too, are had before the older of the two men humps his youthful partner hard. The overall emphasis in this last scene is on fucking butt, tit-licking and biting, and large cum shots which are filmed in slow-motion and repeated in several angles.

Even the ostensibly lesbian Ida (continually lamenting her spinsterhood) in the movie Mildred Pierce uses biting imagery sarcastically (a masterful peformance by Eve Arden) in an interaction with the dumpy (and probably gay) accountant, Mr. Jones, saying in response to his petulantly laments about her constant interruptions, “It's only because I want to be alone with you. Come 'ere and let me bite you, you darling man! Ruff!” Ida’s overall caustic manner perhaps lessens the impact of the violent imagery here, but her language takes on a deeper dimension when one remember a previous scene when the mercenary Wally comes on to Mildred. His kisses resemble bites, and Mildred ends up telling him to stop “howling,” that is, cut his wolf-like sexually aggressive behavior. 


Perhaps the most familiar bites are the ones Dracula administers. Dracula, straddling the boundaries between life and death, bites his victims and drinks their blood (in the Bible and in many other cultures, physical blood equals physical life). How does he lure his victims? Through sexual aggression. In all the diverse stories about Dracula, sex and death intermingle literally in blood, the discharge of a bite. 

To experience more love bites (including some in a scene from the classic porn Gayracula featured in the Bijou original compilation Scared Stiff) watch movies instantly on our streaming site, bijougayporn.com, and use the coupon code for 35% off DVDs at bijouworld.com!




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