The Cumshot: Fantasy and Reality


Lee Ryder cumshot from A Few Good Men

If one watches much porn, it seems like one is usually waiting for the cumshot, or, as some deem it, the money shot, as if one places a monetary value on the climax. More is more, and bigger is better. Or is it? 

Now, as many readers by now have figured out, often times (more so in more recent porn, and I am showing my bias for Bijou Classics), there is a splice between the sucking and the fucking and the cumshot or cumshots. The viewer wants to get his money’s worth, even if, and readers probably know this fact, in the actual filming the actor’s cum isn't always caused directly by the action.


’ve heard some porn directors hired guys to suck the actor’s off to keep them hard, or to hurry the climax because time is money. 

I think the word actor is important here. Now some porn stars of the past (I think of the prolific David Ashfield and also, see below the legendary Al Parker) enjoyed the sex, and the acting wasn’t so much acting as more like someone filming a live sexual interaction, not filming something that was necessarily planned in advance. 

And also, many of our titles put the sex in the context of a story and in many cases, a fantasy. Yes, the story needs actors, but the sex doesn’t seem as staged, or, I might say, as clinical. 

For example, the scene in Turned On!, where Al Parker is worshipping the cocks of endless hunky men, is a fantasy. But it’s also a fantasy that Al probably enjoyed in his own sexual experience, and he was being daring, because Al usually topped, and he we see him submitting, and because the hunky men seem to merge into one man, they become something more like Man with a capital M. Man as the air we breathe and the blood coursing through our veins. It’s obviously not real, but it’s also somehow more authentic. Why? Because in order to get to that orgasm, the mind needs to be working as well as the cock and your sexual partner or partners. 
Al Parker in Turned On


It’s just got to happen. In the moment. 


And when the context gets more kinky, in my experience I’ve noticed guys in elaborate bondage (a fantasy made reality) get hard, but the climax has got to happen. I’ve seen responsive tops, who in many cases are fulfilling the bottom’s own fantasy, often do actions not exactly bondage-related to make that money shot happen. In one case, I saw the top put his gloved hand over the bottom’s face, as a final dominant act. In another case, another guy sucked the bottom’s cock. Or, and most wondrously, do nothing to the bottom’s cock, and it just happens. 

It’s just got to happen. In the moment. 


Gloryhole cumshot on the face of Jim Rogers in Dangerous

I’ve often going around saying, Life is not a porn movie, but the classic porn movies can imitate life. And I mean imitation in the sense of not just copying life, but giving the viewer an idealized erotic experience that appeals to deeper roots in the viewer’s psyche. An erotic experience, not just a money shot.


Stills in this blog all from Bjiou Classics: Lee Ryder in A Few Good Men; Al Parker in Turned On!; and Jim Rogers in Dangerous.

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Retrostuds of the Past: Focus on Chris Allen



Chris Allen

Blonds have more fun, as the saying goes, and when retro blond god Chris Allen was in his prime, he seemed to be everywhere! Just taking a look at his output on sources like Gay Erotic Video Index is mind-blowing. 

Yet we actually know very little about him outside of his movie and magazine appearances. A couple of sources say he was active (and boy was he active, especially in the eighties) from 1983-2008. So I would assume he is still alive, not a victim of the AIDS crisis that took so many legendary porn stars away from us.


His blond uncut (always a plus, in my humble opinion, and it is 8.5 inches) godhood graces so many Bijou Video classics. Here's a run-down of some his more memorable moments, even in more peripheral roles: 

In Hot Splash, a Toby Ross film from 1985, shows him in full splendor enjoying a sucking the nice-sized cock of David Ashfield, another seemingly omnipresent gay porn star of that period. 


In Getting It, he's part of the “Grand Hotel” cast that pulsates orgiastically around the main relationship in this film, between Jim Bentley and Shawn Michaels. Michaels memorably “attacks” Allen in the toilet, according to the review in Manshots

Chris Allen and Shawn Roberts in Getting It


In Rangers, lumberjacks Al ParkerDaniel Holt and Chris Allen have sex in a desolate cabin in the woods. These three raunch hounds leave nothing unexplored. Chris' uncut cock is a joy to behold as these mammoth sex gods reach their respective climaxes. 


Old Bijou Video DVD cover art for Rangers

In the Nova film Hunk, Chris has a sex scene with Jesse Koehler (who also appears in a couple of Surge productions including Rangers). 


Bijou Video cover art fro Hunk

In The U.N.C.U.T. Club of L.A., he's one of the uncut coterie of guys who live to show off their foreskin. He's here mostly as exemplar of the fetish, but as I said above, his foreskin is a plus, and many guys during the period of his prime, especially Caucasian males, were routinely circumcised. 


Outside of the Bijou Classics repertoire, Chris was probably best-known for his starring role in Coverboy, made in 1984 by Cosco Studio. He is, according to one review, a real “All American piece of beef” who redefines the word “shooting session.” 

Chris Allen sex scene from Coverboy

He also appears in three major scenes in the flick Cousins, made in 1983 by Laguna Pacific, directed by William Higgins and also starring Matt Ramsey aka Peter North


Chris Allen

According to Gay Erotic Video Index, in this film, Scott Roberts is picked up by Chris Allen and John Andrews on their way to a picnic in the mountains. Scott eats Allen's butt and lunches on Allen's and Johns sausage. Allen rims Scott and then two boys fuck Scott until they cum for desert. 

Lee Landis visits Allen's home and they get out porn magazines and beer for use in front of the fireplace. Lee chooses straight porn and won't let Allen touch him as the two jack off together. 


Allen and Lee set off into the mountains and Allen brings out the porn rags again. They both start to jerk themselves off but then Allen offers to substitute his mouth for Lee's hand. Lee accepts this arrangement. After some oral sex, Allen suggests his ass hole would be better yet so Lee fucks him is several positions. 

Chris Allen is also in the upcoming Bijou Video release, Nothing But the Best (1984), which co-stars Lee Stern, Scott Roberts (again), Sean Williams, Justin Tyler, Steve Knight, and Steve Roberts. 


Bijou Video cover for Nothing But the Best

I discovered, as well, that he appeared in an Old Reliable video called The Professionals, where he,

among other hung studs, jacks off solo. 


Chris also appeared in many magazines of the period, and I found in our files some a photospread from a 1980s Inches magazine.


That spread gives us some personal information about him, that he drove around L.A. In a yellow pick-up, he likes guys younger than himself (he was 22 at the time!), and that while making his movies, he gets so turned on and pulls his pud all the time off camera.


Watch Chris Allen videos on our streaming site!















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Retrostuds of the Past: Focus on David Ashfield

Retrostuds of the Past: Focus on David Ashfield

The facts (courtesy of Back2Stonewall.com):

David Ashfield was one of the biggest names of 1980s porn, making dozens of movies and appearing in plenty more as a stunt dick.

He was slim, born in 1960, had a huge and thick cut penis and topped (although he started off as a bottom in early Falcon loops). 

David starred in movies like Below the Belt, and was famous for big ejaculations.

David speaks for himself; passages from an interview in the October 1987 issue of Hot Shots:

“Fantasies started to come along when I was about 12 years old … I grew up in the desert in Arizona. So of course, I had dreams and fantasies of long blonde-haired country boys; and grass and trees; playing in the woods; you always dream of what you don't have.”

“Do you find it more exhilarating with a live audience?"
"No, because it's a totally different trip. When we're doing the movies we're in a corner, just us and the cameraman; it's still pretty much private, even though there are people there. Everyone knows exactly what's going on, and are all part of the deal. Whereas when I'm on stage I'm a spectacle. I try to be a trouper and do a good job of it, bring out the Scorpio side of my image, but, a lot of times I still get the willies.”


“For the record, what is the main feature about your cock that makes you stand out in a crowd?"
"A lot of guys have a dick as long as mine, but most people don't have one as fat as mine. It's 6-1/2 inches around. And in the movies I can really fuck.

"Do you find a lot of guys can't take you?"
"Some can, some can't. About an even number, I guess.”

“Do you believe you are more open to different types of sexual situations now because of changes to your lifestyle, or do you think it is a result of getting to know yourself better?"
"I'm still pretty simple-minded when it comes to sex. I'm not real kinky or anything. I don't get sex drunk … Oh let's tie each other up, and dildoes, and dildoes, and cock rings, and all that stuff. One naked boy across the bed and I'll suck his dick and he'll suck my dick.”

“Do you like to get if off more now than you did before becoming a porn star?"
"I would like to but couldn't. Shit, when I was a kid, I used to beat off between four and nine times a day. Now once is fine with me. Once, maybe twice.”

“What does a director look for in a new talent?"
"Hot sex. If you can prove you do it lovingly is what counts. People who want to work."

"Can you elaborate on what you mean by 'Do it lovingly?'"
"Sure. There are a lot of boys in porn who get in there to do it just for the money. When you watch the film they look bored. This is because most movies are shot one piece at a time. Between the director saying, 'This is what I want you to do. Move this way, say this at a certain point, insert your dick into that hole.' This is all done piece, by piece, by piece. And if at the edges of each little scene you lose character, then it will be conveyed in each little segment of the movie. When you work with another model who knows how to stay in character, espcially when the camera is off, then we can keep the scene going between us. Keep it hot so as soon as they click back in they're coming right into frame.”

“You cannot help warming up to David Ashfield. He's totally unaffected and extremely masculine. He says that at some point in the future he would like to settle down with someone special.”

Also, like Joan Crawford, according to the interview, he answered every fan letter.

In fact, oddly, he kind of reminds me of her, not physically of course, nor did he put on the glamorous movie star persona, but because he took his work, revealed in his technique, so seriously. He was his technique.


And it worked, gloriously, in more than a hundred videos.


Also, like Joan Crawford, according to the interview, he answered every fan letter.


And, as well, Joan suffered stage fright; like David, she preferred to work in the studio.

At Bijouworld.com we carry many movies that feature David Ashfield, such as Therapy; Strange Places, Strange Things; Classmates; and our newly remastered Hot Splash.

Also check out our streaming site, Bijougayporn.com, for more hot David Ashfield action.

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